Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Been thinking a lot about trees

I've been thinking of trees a lot lately. Been wanting to visit them for the longest time. Stay in some forest and do nothing there all day. But I work at night. During logoff time, I'm already spent. And I need to commute for about two hours just to get home. And more importantly, I don't have that much money to spend for extracurricular activities.

Sick and tired of seeing beautified concrete every day, inhaling all its smoke, seeing people on the streets hurrying towards their daily slavery haunts (gosh, I'm one of them).

I've been a lazy chap for several weeks already. Aside from my night job, I have an ongoing project at our city hall and yet accepted another project from another city in another province (something involving paleography, stuff that is beyond my expertise, haha) for the sake of money (fame's a bonus). It's for a good cause, though: to help my family survive a terrible financial crisis. I shouldn't have accepted that project in the first place since I'm already involved in another one, aside from the fact that I've sworn to myself to avoid writing for a while. But I still did. I felt I had to.

Money is all there is, especially in this world. But on top of that, I've been thinking a lot about trees lately. In fact, I've been spending hours here at the office exploring Google Maps, looking for a forested area near my place. And my budget. Have to visit one soon. The hell with those projects. The hell with my night shift. Have to visit one soon, or I might break down inside a bus that I use to commute.

We're losing a lot of trees. Hundreds, if not thousands (or gasp! millions?) every single day. Yet I don't hear any statement at all from our EJK-crazed government about this sorry state of our forests.

I need trees. Lots of it. Fresh air. Pastoral scenes. I don't belong in this urban hellhole. I'm dying here. Slowly. Terribly. Painfully.

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